A living network that promotes and supports the small businesses and community initiatives that are crucial to the well-being of our neighborhoods.


Neighborhood Worm is the direct translation of the Cantonese (Chinese) term 地頭蟲. It is used to describe someone who knows the ins and outs of his/ her environment; someone who has extensive knowledge of his/ her neighborhood.

The project and website originated from the ideas of Gene Miao, an architect/ designer who grew up in Hong Kong and the United States and after spending a number of years working in New York, returned to start his own design practice, 1:1 Limited. A short while after returning, he became concerned about the progressive chipping away of his beloved neighborhoods, and wanted to do something about it. In lieu of taking up a physical position on the streets, this website is the result. By highlighting neighborhoods made up of people, small businesses and social character, Gene hopes that others will share the appreciation and seek to protect them as well.

He has relied on his friends and network of known and anonymous supporters in creating the site, and will continue to rely on us to support it! He thanks :

Aly Chow – who helped him explore and refine the original Daytauchung site
Pamela Mar — who helped him to articulate his ideas on the current site and gave him regular reminders to “take it easy”
Mimi Yu – his soul mate and travel partner—who is willing to put up with an endless stream of holey sidewalks, out of the way shoeboxes, and dusty corners of the earth—all in the name of “experience”

But most of all, he thanks YOU, because YOU the travelling public, are crucial for giving relevance to the site!

Our logo is created by CoDesign Limited.


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