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Hao Chi Stinky Tofu, Tainan City, Taiwan

Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐). You either love it, or you hate it. Thankfully my girlfriend and I both love it, and there is no shortage of this delicacy in Taiwan. Our taxi driver pointed out this establishment to us as we drove by, and we decided to give it a try. Hao Chi is a hard core stinky tofu place. Their menu is categorized by the different ways of preparation: steamed; fried, and kind- of stir fried with other ingredients such as red chillis. Within the categories you can choose between the intensity of the stinkiness and with or without garlic and scallion. If you are fan of this delicacy and if you are in Tainan City, you must pay a visit to Hao Chi!

Hao Chi Stinky Tufo
No. 1, Xiàlín Road, Nan District
Tainan City, Taiwan 70253
Tel: 06-222-1010

The slogan of this renown stinky tofu establishment is poetic and philosophical and translates to: 'The exchange between fragrant and stinky'.

You can tell by its menu that this place is serious about this delicacy. The main categories ranges from steamed tofu to fried tofu to tofu served in a wok. Being stinky tofu fanatics, we tried all three!

First came the steamed version. It came sitting on a dish of broth with ginger and scallion on the top. This is the most pungent version, and I like this version the best.

Then came the fried version, which is similar to the Hong Kong version, but the tofu is cut into smaller chunks, and served with pickled cabbage. This version is not as pungent.

The 3rd version has the stinky tofu 1st fried and then braised and cooked with other items such as chillis, garlic and vegetables, which is not bad, and if you like spicy, this is the way to go.

This is their flagship location in Tainan.


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