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Taikoo, Tainan City, Taiwan

Cool laid- back bars with a pleasant atmosphere are a rarity in Hong Kong. That is one thing I really miss about New York City, where you can find cool bars almost as often as you can find chain convenient stores in Hong Kong. Soon arriving Tainan I was struck by the city’s laid- back attitude. People of different ages are hanging out in bars and cafes of all sorts around the city. The pace of Tainan city is definitely different from that of Taipei. After walking and exploring the city for hours, it was time to pause and recharge our batteries. Near the end of Shen Nong Street, we came across this empty but atmospheric retro bar call Taikoo. I am not sure if it is the fad in Tainan, but I was surprised to find an extensive list of artisanal beers on offer at Taikoo, many of which are from Belgium. Shen Nong Street was one of the highlights of Tainan City, and Taikoo was the icing on the cake for us. The beers we had here were JUST DELICIOUS! The leather sofa was comfy; the ambient lighting just right; the music being played was in line with the decor, I think you get my drift here. Starring at the people walking by Shen Nong Street and sipping these beers in this bar was so enjoyable. I will definitely come back to Taikoo if I make it back to Tainan City again.

Taikoo has an upstairs seating area and also sells vintage furniture in the back building.

Tel: 06- 2211053
No. 94 Shen Nong Street, Tainan City, Taiwan

What better way to recharge your batteries than sipping delicious artisanal Belgium beers?

The view from where we were sitting, looking out onto Shen Nong Street.

View of the bar counter. The tall refrigerator on the left is where all the beers are stored. Go and check them out before ordering.

This is the address of this special bar on this special street.

This is the upstairs section, where you can see the exposed beams and rafters on the ceiling , but the lighting is a tad too bright here.

Kind of spooky but I like it.

One comment on “Taikoo, Tainan City, Taiwan

  1. Frank Williamson
    April 18, 2012

    I definitely love the older style of architecture through out Asia. Seeing this gives me nostalgia.

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