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Shen Nong Street, Tainan City, Taiwan (神農街, 台南市, 台灣)

This charming street is one of the highlights from my recent trip to Tainan. It is a stone- paved pedestrian street flanked by 2-3 story buildings on both sides. I came across a pottery shop, a furniture shop, and a retro bar and some private residences. Some of the private residences would open up their door, perhaps for ventilation purpose, and you can catch a glimpse of the interiors. The spaces of the buildings are quite deep, and many shop- owners would have a retail space up front, and have their living quarters/ workshop tucked away in the back. Note that some of the shops and bars don’t open for business until later in the afternoon/ early evening. The retro bar I went to-Taiko (94 ShengNong Street) was very chill and served some delicious artisanal beers from Belgium. A great place to hang and recuperate from walking all over the city.

This street is very much in- line with NeighborhoodWorm’s spirit: You will (for sure) not find any trace of chain shops or chain convenient shops here!

I wish Hong Kong would have a genuine functioning old street like Shen Nong Street. Sadly we only have ‘Old Hong Kong- Bring Back the Culture in the 50’s- 70’s’, a faux, make-believe old Hong Kong street inside Ocean Park, an amusement/ marine mammal park/ oceanarium in Hong Kong:

More pathetic is the fact that some people actually do dig this ‘Old Hong Kong’ at the Ocean Park. As evidenced by their like on Facebook!

Night view of Shen Nong Street.

Not sure if this is a shop or a private residence. But I do appreciate the paper cut-out artwork on the glass. You can also catch a glimpse of the interior.

This is the extension to Taikoo (bar) which we visited, and they serve food as well as brunch. This building should give you a sense of scale of the street.

This is the gutter cover on Shen Nong Street. Someone definitely spend their time designing and making this drain cover.


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