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Tai- Cheng Fruit Shop, Tainan City, Taiwan (泰成水果店)

This 70 year old institution is worth a visit.

This fruit shop is located on a quite street, which ain't far from The JJ-W Hotel that we stayed at.

Look at these vibrant colors. Yum.........but do watch-out for that brown sauce!!!

This fruit shop is SUPERB! And I highly recommend it. We asked the proprietor for the current seasonal fruits, and we got plate of pineapple, tomatoes and cantaloupe. We often neglect the fact that tomato is actually a fruit (rather than a vegetable), and these red and green tomatoes were some of the tastiest I have ever had. The pineapple and cantaloupe were equally delicious. But the sauce that came on the side was rather dubious. It seems to be the brown sauce that you find every where in Taiwan, with some sugar and minced ginger. Since I am not a fan of this brown sauce, I didn’t go near it.

Tai- Cheng Fruit SHop
No 80 Zhengxing Street (泰成水果台南市正興街80號)


One comment on “Tai- Cheng Fruit Shop, Tainan City, Taiwan (泰成水果店)

  1. fruitworm0
    April 16, 2012

    Fruitworm is jealous! I want to be taken there. I’m waiting for the pineapple.

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