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Onsen Papawaqa, Miaoli, Taiwan

Miaoli City is located in Miaoli County which is located south-west of Taipei, and takes about 1 hour on the train from Taipei. I came across this onsen hotel in a Time magazine article/ recommendation. It was during my girlfriend’s business trip to Taipei that I decided to tag along, and Miaoli was our weekend get-away from Taipei during that trip. This hotel was surprisingly well appointed. Our room was spacious with a onsen/ tub inside the bathroom. The design of the hotel is contemporary, and it is set next to a stream where local people were fishing. The hotel onsen featured a series of outdoor and semi-outdoor pools of hot spring water. There is also a long and narrow swimming pool that runs parallel to the length of the hotel, which is great for swimming laps. We didn’t eat at the hotel as the there were a handful of small local eateries that were good and reasonably priced. This is a peaceful area, and make a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Taipei.

View of the outdoor onsen area.

View of the pool with the mountains in the background.

View of the hotel's main structure.


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