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National Sports Complex, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This complex designed by Vann Molyvann is a glorious example of Modern Khmer architecture. It was built between 1963-64. The exterior is reminiscent of brutalist architecture with exposed cast-in-place reinforced concrete. The interior exhibits a splendid structure making use of natural light and ventilation. A high-light for me in Phnom Penh for sure. Entrance fee was merely USD $ 0.50 for the tuk tuk and ourselves. There are organized tours conducted by members of the Khmer Architecture Tours, but sadly I didn’t find out about them until my last day in Phnom Penh. Apparently some of Molyvann’s buildings are on the verge of being torn down for redevelopment, more reason for you to pay them a visit before it happens.

Khmer Architecture Tours:

Interior view of the stadium.

Pools are located at the outer corners of the stadium.

View of the complex from a distance.


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