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Angkor Village Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Angkor Village Hotel is no chain or cookie-cutter hotel. The hotel models after traditional Khmer wooden architecture and the whole complex is built around a large pond, and is surrounded by lush greenery. You are well insulated from the commotion from the town. Please note that there are no TV’s in the rooms. But the rooms are tidy and well kept. The laundry prices are reasonable. The water pressure in the shower is a problem, but then no hotel is perfect. There is a designated TV room, so I was able to catch the men’s final of the Australian Open Tennis (great match by the way) without a problem. One night stay was about USD $ 120. Do note that The Angkor Village Resort is separate from The Angkor Village Hotel, and that the Resort is further away from town than the Hotel.

The lush greenery combine with the traditional architecture make for a pleasant stay at The Angkor Village Hotel.

Walkway leading you to the accommodations. There are rooms on the ground floor, and upstairs.


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