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Sticky Rice in Bamboo, Cambodia

One Cambodian proprietor standing next to her products at her stall.

On my recent trip to Cambodia, I hired a private car (with driver) going from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.  The trip was quite long: some 5+ hours.  The highlight on this road-trip was the discovery of this sticky rice cooked inside a bamboo.  At first I thought all these people along the main road were selling sugar cane, as people do eat sugar cane in some Asian countries.  (Actually they chew and suck the juice out of the sugar cane, then they spit out the remains.)  Needing an excuse to stretch my legs out a  bit, I asked the driver to pull-over at one of these road-side stalls where people were selling these sticks.  I realized that the sticks are actually NOT sugar cane, but bamboo, and with sticky rice stuffed within.  They are cooked by a small road-side fire for 1 hour.  The bamboo stick then becomes all charred on the outside.  The proprietors then chop off the charred parts of the bamboo to give their product a more appetizing appearance.  I tried one with red beans stuffed together with the sticky rice.  I also bought one with jack fruit as a souvenir.  The aromas are subtle, but in a nice way, and makes for a perfect snack for the car ride! In front of Angkor Wat I also saw some people selling these sticky rice in bamboo, but perhaps all the tourists were too distracted by the temple to give these humble bamboo sticks any attention.

This is the section of the road where these stalls are set-up on both sides. They all sell nothing but these Sticky Rice in Bamboo!This is how the sticky rice appears after you peel off the bamboo shell.What do you think this is??


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