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Inari Yatai Ramen 稻荷拉麵

This tiny ramen joint in TST serves up delicious ramen with a big heart. It is not cheap here, but you do get what you pay for, which is quality and free of MSG.
I dig the salt- based soup with tofu (3 large pieces of silky soft quality), or the chicken meat ball. The proprietors worked and trained in Japan for sometime before the noodle supplier were willing to supply their noodles to them, which tells you what kind of a ramen joint we are talking about here.

15 Austin Avenue, G/F, SHop A
Tel: 2724 8638

View of the shopfront.

The supplier apparently came to HK and endorsed the shop, the photo and signed artwork is framed and hung on the wall near the entrance.

The supplier is based in Sapporo.

This is my favorite here: Ramen in Salt- based Soup with Tofu, $ 78 (HKD).


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