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Daughter-in-law Laksa 家嫂 星州美食

Not far from Inari Yatai Ramen 稻荷拉麵 on Kimberly Avenue in TST is another tiny establishment call simply 家嫂 (daughter-in-law). Their Laksa is probably one of the better ones I have had in Hong Kong. They serve it it in a ample size bowl (a good sign), with plenty of soup and topped with fish balls and fried tofu and sliced (Vietnamese Sausage). Their laksa is made of 2 different kinds of rice noodles (米線 + 米粉), giving the laksa a richness in texture. You can specify your laksa in S, M, or L for different levels of spiciness. Standard Laksa is $43.

17 Austin Avenue, G/F, Shop 4C
Tel: 2723 8223 ‎


This eatery is small, can accommodate up to about 10 persons.



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