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Wing Wah Noodles 永華麵家

This noodle joint is not your typical wonton noodle joint. Although this joint has been covered by the local media, I feel it is still worth checking out. The texture of their noodles is special, especially their wide noodle 闊麵. I feel the width of their noodle is also wider than the usual. The noodles here cost more compare to the generic wonton noodle joint, but the extra money is worth it. While you are there try out their Bamboo Pith (Cooked in Premium Stock) 上湯竹生, which come in two sizes; and their Thousand-Year-Old Egg, which is of exceptional quality. Also unique is their complimentary pickled radish, which is readily available in a glass container on their tables.

Address: 89 Hennessy Road, G/F, Wan Chai
Tel: (852) 2527-7476

Plain wide noodles and 蝦子柚皮.

The pickled radish is in a glass container on the right.

I appreciate this sign, it says: This is the only shop we operate, no other outlets.


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