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Mei Wah 美華

This is the start of my exploration in To Kwa Wan………Two particular items caught my attention about this Shanghai-nese joint: savory soy-bean milk and ‘Lan Fa Dou Gan’ 蘭花豆乾. They only serve the 1st item until 11:00 am on the weekends, which does not work for me (late riser). But the fact that they make and serve 蘭花豆乾 everyday is unique. Less and less Shanghai-nese restaurants and eateries serve this dish, but this is one of the dishes that I truly dig. Even some Shanghainese people don’t know about this dish!! Seemingly simple, 蘭花豆乾 is basically a slab of dried tofu that is skillfully sliced partially on both sides creating a criss-cross effect. I think it then needs to be cooked with specific spices and ingredients, which I don’t know of. (In fact I’m not even sure the cooking takes place before or after the slicing exercise.) Served by cutting the slabs into smaller pieces and in room temperature, all you need to add is a dash of sesame oil. It is a divine dish as the dried tofu has absorbed all the flavors of the spices. It also has a rich texture in the mouth. If you appreciate tofu, you will appreciate this dish.


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